Iron Axe Society

"As Concord, NC’s first indoor urban axe-throwing facility, our mission is to create a fun, exciting, and unique experience for our growing community"

What is Axe Throwing?

Urban Axe throwing is a fun combination of darts and bowling, only way cooler and more modern.  Participants safely throw a small hatchet at a fixed target to score points. Targets are set up like traditional bullseye’s so the closer you get to the center, the more points you earn. At the end of the game you tally up the points to see who in your group is taking home the title of “Iron Axe Society Champion”.  BOOM… Great time had by all!

It's Fun and Easy

Easy like Sunday morning, don't overthink it! Simply grab the axe, give it a toss, and let force meet resistance. Your first time sticking will be so much fun and a feeling like no other.

Teams are Welcome

Have a large group in need of tons of fun? Here's an idea... Forget bowling, challenge your friends, family, co-workers to a day or night of exciting competition.

Great Date Night

What better date night than finding out if your significant other can protect you from the zombie apocalypse? Or, want to enjoy a fun atmosphere for that all important first date? Bring them over we'll provide the ultimate ice breaker!


Want to save money by becoming a member?

We are proud to offer 3 different membership levels. Save up to hundreds of dollars and enjoy tons of lane time with this unheard of offer. Click the button below to learn more and get your axe in here!

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How Hard is it to Throw an Axe?

Not hard at all…. In fact, it is very easy. Worried about it being your first time throwing? Don’t be, we love introducing this growing sport to new throwers. There is nothing like the awesome feeling of that first stick! This sport is so much fun and will hook you in like nothing you can imagine.

Our venue is dedicated to axe throwing.

We provide a safe location for you to hurl a 2-pound metal object at a block of wood. Day and night, we offer coaching for anyone who would like to improve their game, or introduction and instruction to inexperienced throwers. We are happy to host private and corporate events with advanced notice. Book your event by contacting us today!

We welcome axe throwers of all experience levels.

New Throwers

Your group will be assigned a coach to provide you with a safety briefing and demonstration of the two primary throws – Double-Hand Overhead and Single-Hand. Your coach will fully explain each of these and provide a demonstration. Finally, your coach will work with you to make sure you hit the target and get that all important first stick!

Experienced Throwers

Want to improve your accuracy or explore different throws? We got you covered! Our coaches will observe your form and offer a few tips and tricks we have picked up during our countless hours of throwing. And we are not opposed to learning. Maybe you can teach us something new that we can pass on while of course giving you credit.

Leagues For Competitors

Public Axe Throwing League

Want to see how you stack up against others? Iron Axe Society has a public axe throwing league that meets on Sundays and Wednesdays. Our public leagues consist of an 8 week season and all experience levels are welcome. This is a great place to learn and socialize with other throwers who may be able to offer a few tips to improve your score and boost your game. Want to join our public league? Click here for details and information about upcoming seasons.

Private Axe Throwing League

Want to see how you stack up against friends or coworkers? Iron Axe Society offers the option for a private axe throwing league. Your group will be assigned a day and time to meet and consist of an 8 session season. Here is where you can bring friends and/or coworkers together for a great time, a little bonding, and a lot of socializing in private setting. Interested in a private league? Contact us today!

A little more about us...

Where we are – Our location is approximately 15 minutes north of Charlotte in the historic Gibson Mill at 325 Mcgill Avenue in Concord NC.

How many games can you play? – Your group can play as many games as you can fit into your 1 or 2 hour session. You are charged for your time, not the amount of games. Our rates are $26 per person for 1 hour and $46 per person for two hours.

Do we have food? – Well, kind of. We offer prepackaged snacks like popcorn and chips.

Do we sell beer? – Yes we do! We have several domestics and a few offerings from local breweries. We also have wine and a few ciders (you to try the 1911 Black Cherry… YUM).Don’t worry, we limit our alcohol consumption to three.

Do we provide the axe – Yes, we have axes for everyone to throw and you are welcome to bring your own.

Did we not do a good enough job of convincing you? Shoot us an email with any questions, or stop by to see how it works!

Let's Throw!

Party Pack

Perfect for smaller groups (1-7 participants)

$26/person for an hour

Same day Booking

You can book your event same day and enjoy the throwing

Team events and parties

Contact us for information

Minimum 2 hours* food and drink not included

Your Safety is our First Priority


Absolutely! We take the safety of our participants very seriously. Our lanes are uniquely designed with the highest safety measures in place to prevent bounce back and our staff will be there at all times to make sure all rules are being followed.

All are welcome to watch, however, kiddos under 8 years old cannot throw.

The cost is $26.00 per person for one hour, and $46.00 for two hours of throwing.

Please note, online booking is only available for groups of 2-6 people. A $30.00 per hour deposit is required when booking. This deposit is refundable up to 24 hours prior to appointment

Please contact us for booking reservations of large groups.

Absolutely! However, if we’re busy, you’ll be asked to team up with another single player. 

Participants are required to wear closed-toed shoes (Safety, safety, safety). Dress comfortably, as long as your piggies are covered.  

A valid ID for participants 18yrs and up. Participants 8yrs-17yrs must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with a valid ID. 

We allow cancelations up to 24 hrs before your scheduled session and will return your deposit. We understand things happen so give us a call if you have to cancel and we’ll work with you the best we can.

To optimize your throwing time, we ask that guests check in 15 minutes ahead of their reservation to complete our instructor led training course.  In the event that you’re running a little late, we’ll hold your reservation for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes your reservation will be cancelled, without refund. 

We sure do, and we’re happy to squeeze you in if there’s an open lane! But just to be safe, we strongly recommend you book ahead of time to secure your lane. 

We provide participants with everything they need, but if you have your own, bring it on in! All axes not provided by Iron Axe Society will have to be inspected by our staff to ensure they meet our safety criteria. 

Yep, we serve beer and wine! We know what you’re thinking… Beer + Axes?! But don’t worry, we have you covered. All participants 21yrs+ that want to drink alcohol while throwing are limited to 3 drinks. We’ll give you a sweet wrist band that our bartender stamps every time you order a drink. After your session is over feel free to remove your wrist band and grab a drink at the bar.  Once the wrist band is removed you will not be allowed to throw. 

We have prepackaged snacks available for purchase. 

Want to bring your own Axe?

You are welcome to bring your own axe to throw during your visit, contingent on passing a safety inspection.


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Calling ALL Throwers!

Join us for a full weekend of excitement August 18th and 19th. Enjoy an axe-perience like no other. Throw at handpainted targets themed with a variety of cartoons in the warm glow of blacklights. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy this rare event. Click the link below now to secure a spot for your entire crew. 

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