Leagues Are Back!

We have leagues Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. The start dates will vary depending on scheduling availability. Please complete the form below and check our social media pages for upcoming events.

Participants 8 years of age and up are welcome. Each participant and spectator will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to, or upon arrival. Anyone under 18 will be required to have a parent or legal guardian present and sign a waiver on their behalf.

Details for warmup, gameplay, prizes, and seeding will be shared prior to gameplay Sunday, June 26th and Wednesday, June 29th.

Interested in competing? Please complete the contact form below and hit “SUBMIT”. 

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Calling ALL Throwers!

Join us for a full weekend of excitement August 18th and 19th. Enjoy an axe-perience like no other. Throw at handpainted targets themed with a variety of cartoons in the warm glow of blacklights. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy this rare event. Click the link below now to secure a spot for your entire crew. 

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